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Austin, Texas Business Lawyer - Attorney And CPA | LLCs, Corporations, Contracts, And Litigation

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Professional Business Attorney Services From AttorneyBritt - Gary L. Britt, CPA, J.D.  A Business Lawyer Located in Austin, Texas.  AttorneyBritt Is Both An Attorney And Certified Public Accountant (CPA), And Provides Business Lawyer Advice And Services To Clients Throughout The State Of Texas.

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This Law Blog is a business law and tax law blog published by the business, tax, and health care lawyers at AttorneyBritt.


Our law blog presents commentary and information regarding the laws and regulations applicable to individuals, corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies (LLCs); as they relate to the myriad of business transactions, contracts, and agreements every business owner, shareholder, member, physician, and/or health care provider must consider.

  • "Last-Minute” Year-End 2020 Tax-Saving Moves For Individuals

    Posted:2020-12-28 13:50:09 UTC-06:00
    There are only a few days left to go before the year ends, but here are some actions you may take before the end of the year to improve the your tax situation for 2020 and beyond. Consider Biden's proposals. As the year comes to an end, it is hard to predict what, if anything, that Mr. Biden...
  • 5 Stars - Kev's 5 Best Corporate Attorneys In Austin

    Posted:2020-12-21 14:55:00 UTC-06:00
    5 Stars - Kev's 5 Best Corporate Attorneys In Austin   ? AttorneyBritt offers services from professional business attorneys. Attorney Gary L. Britt, CPA, J.D. is experienced in the field of business law. He has represented numerous clients for business cases. A strong negotiator and...
  • IRS Issues 2020 Inflation-Adjusted Amounts For Health Savings Accounts

    Posted:2019-05-29 11:20:09 UTC-05:00
    In a new Revenue Procedure (Rev Proc 2019-25, 2019-22 IRB), the IRS has provided the 2020 inflation-adjusted contribution, deductible, and out-of-pocket expense limits for health savings accounts (HSAs).  HSA basics. Eligible individuals may, subject to statutory limits, make...
  • 2019 IRS Income Tax Deductions For Automobile Costs

    Posted:2019-05-13 22:29:52 UTC-05:00
    Businesses that use a car or other vehicle may be able to deduct the expense of operating that vehicle on their taxes. Businesses generally can use one of the two methods to figure their deductible vehicle expenses: Standard mileage rateActual car expensesFor 2019, here are the standard mileage...
  • User CSS For Firefox And Thunderbird

    Posted:2019-05-13 17:57:49 UTC-05:00
    User CSS For Firefox And ThunderbirdUser CSS Contributions For CustomizeMyBird and Custom CSS For FX The repository at has user submitted CSS customizations for: The very excellent Firefox and Thunderbird add-ons by Aris-t2 at...
  • Six Things Taxpayers Should Know About The Sharing Economy And Their IRS Taxes

    Posted:2019-04-23 11:23:32 UTC-05:00
    From renting spare rooms and vacation homes to car rides or using a bike…name a service and it’s probably available through the sharing economy.  Taxpayers who participate in the sharing economy can find helpful resources in the IRS Sharing Economy Tax Center on  Here are...
  • Physicians, Hospitals, Clinics, And Other Health Care Providers Beware HHS Interpretation Of HIPAA Compliance Rules

    Posted:2019-04-23 11:06:45 UTC-05:00
    As MD Anderson has learned the hard way over the past couple years HHS' interpretation of Mandatory versus Addressable HIPAA compliance rules and regulations can vary from the business practices of many Physicians, Hospitals, and other Health Care Organizations. HIPAA provides many compliance...
  • How IRS Tax Reform Affects Taxpayers Who Claim The Child Tax Credit

    Posted:2019-02-28 11:55:16 UTC-06:00
    Many people claim the child tax credit to help offset the cost of raising children. Tax reform legislation made changes to that credit for 2018 and later.  Here are some important things for taxpayers to know. Credit amount. The new law increases the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000....
  • Five IRS Tax Facts About The New Form 1040

    Posted:2019-02-25 16:55:04 UTC-06:00
    There are several changes to the 2018 Form 1040. However, taxpayers who file electronically may not notice the changes as the tax return preparation software guides people through the filing process. The IRS worked closely with its partners in the tax return preparation and tax software...
  • All Persons And Businesses Must Report Large Cash Transactions To The IRS - NOT JUST BANKS !!

    Posted:2019-02-21 14:09:08 UTC-06:00
    Federal law requires a person to report cash transactions of more than $10,000 by filing IRS Form 8300, Report of Cash Payments Over $10,000 Received in a Trade or Business. The information on the form helps law enforcement combat money laundering, tax evasion, drug dealing, terrorist financing...
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