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Austin Business Lawyer And CPA | LLCs, Corporations, Contracts, And Litigation
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Austin Business Lawyer And CPA
LLCs, Corporations, Contracts, And Litigation



Professional Attorney Services From (AttorneyBritt - Gary L. Britt, CPA, J.D.) A Highly Qualified Lawyer Licensed As Both An Attorney And Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Small Business Lawyer Austin - AttorneyBritt - Gary L. Britt, CPA, J.D. And Wife Lena C. Britt AttorneyBritt

I am a business lawyer and CPA with 33 years experience. I help individuals, businesses, and business owners form their corporations and LLCs; manage, structure, and govern their business transactions; write and review their contracts and agreements; protect their assets; prosecute and defend their lawsuits; plan their estates, prepare their wills, and successfully transfer their wealth to future generations.


In particular, I have substantial experience in negotiating, reviewing, and drafting contracts of all types, including operating agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, contracts for the purchase or sale of a business, and employment contracts with covenants not to compete.


I am also skilled in the creation of advantageous business structures, advising C Level executives, corporate governance, business litigation, and managing outside counsel.


Further, I design and support complex health care entity business structures, contracts, and agreements for Stark Law, Anti-Kickback, Self-Referral, and Fee Splitting compliance.


As a CPA I worked for Ernst and Young (Chicago) and Price Waterhouse Coopers (Houston). As a dual professional I understand the connections between minimizing legal risks and the costs associated with so doing.


I received my undergraduate degree in accounting from DePaul University in Chicago, magna cum laude, a Masters of Science in Tax Law also from DePaul University, and a Juris Doctorate from Houston College of Law.


I take pride in your customer experience. In a hectic world, I will be there to provide you high quality business law, corporate law, and health law services, and will do my very best to satisfactorily resolve your legal problems in a timely manner.


AttorneyBritt builds trusted relationships with our clients based on integrity and quality service at a reasonable cost.


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Corporate Lawyer Austin - AttorneyBritt - Gary L. Britt, CPA, J.D. And Wife Lena C. Britt Let AttorneyBritt make a difference in your life.

What You Can Expect From Our Business Formation, Contract, Litigation, Tax, And Health Law Attorneys

  • 33+ years of experience in various fields of law, business, and accounting.

  • Expert advice and representation by specialized attorneys.

  • Return phone calls within one business day.

  • Replies to most emails within 2 hours.

  • Honest assessments of cases, whether good or bad.

  • Performance of all work with great care and attention to detail.


When people hire an attorney they are often experiencing very stressful situations, and they need a business lawyer who cares about them. AttorneyBritt - Gary L. Britt, CPA, J.D. makes sure our clients receive the support, hard work, and resources they deserve.  AttorneyBritt takes pride in your customer experience.  In a hectic world, we will be there to provide you high quality business law, corporate law, and health law services, and we will do our very best to satisfactorily resolve your legal problems in a timely manner.  AttorneyBritt builds trusted relationships with our clients based on integrity and quality service at a reasonable cost.


Call us today at 512-481-2886, and see what makes AttorneyBritt a better choice for your legal needs.

Attorney-Lawyer - Certified Public Accountant (CPA)


Expertise From Experience, Education, And Training

AttorneyBritt is both an attorney and certified public accountant (CPA) and provides a dual professional and comprehensive approach to solving the multifaceted business law, tax law, and health law problems of our individual, professional, health care, and corporate business clients.


AttorneyBritt has over 33 years of expertise helping individuals,  professionals, partners, and business owners manage, structure, and govern their business formation and transactions, write and negotiate their business contracts and agreements, protect their assets, and successfully transfer their wealth to future generations.

Business Law, LLC And Corporation Formation, New Business Startups, Litigation, And Health Law. 


Helping Clients With:

  • Contracts And Agreements;

  • Shareholder, Partnership, And Operating Agreements;

  • Employment Contracts And "Work For Hire" Agreements;

  • Intellectual Property Protection;

  • Stark Law Compliance;

  • Litigation and Lawsuits;

  • Wills And Trusts;

  • Asset Protection;

  • And Estate Planning.

Business Planning:

Business formation and organization, including organizational meeting minutes, bylaws, and other formation documents.  Advice and planning to properly structure your bussiness entities and their relationships with each other to minimize income and estate tax liabilities.  Sturcture your estate plan and business organizations to maximize protection of your assets from possible future creditors.


Contract Drafting, Review, and Negotiation:

AttorneyBritt helps clients with many things, including writing, reviewing, and consulting upon many types of complex business contracts and agreements.


Business Startups, Technology Contracts, Founders Shareholder Agreements, Employment Agreements, and Independent Contractor And Consulting Agreements:

The lawyers at AttorneyBritt are experienced at servicing the legal needs of various businesses, including technology companies and startups.  We provide legal services to business entities from their founding, startup, and initial organization through their financing, investor relationships, and beyond.  We help technology clients and other new businesses choose the right entity and state of organization, protect their intellectual property, and define and protect the present and future contract rights and management control of founders, employees and independent contractors.  AttorneyBritt also assists our new business startup clients with employment agreements-contracts and independent contractor agreements, including provisions for non-compete, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), non-solicitation of employees and customers, and "work for hire" copyright and other intellectual property protections.


Contract Disputes And Litigation:

Partnership, operating, and shareholder agreements, buy-sell, and other disputed agreements.  Litigation of business disputes.


Tax Consultation | IRS Tax Audit And Collection Defense:

Tax Planning and advice for corporations, partnerships, and individuals.  IRS income tax audit, tax lien, and tax levy services from an Attorney and CPA.


Wills, Trusts, and Estates:

Preparation of wills, trusts, living wills, and advanced health care directives/health care power of attorney, and complex estate and business planning to protect your assets and preserve your wealth for future generations.


Asset Protection:

AttorneyBritt helps his clients arrange their business formations and structures in such a manner as to protect their assets from future creditors, judgments, and lawsuits.


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THE GOOD......

AttorneyBritt - Gary L. Britt, CPA, J.D. has excellent legal and business judgment across a wide range of areas, with strong entrepreneurial experience in law, management, and operations.  I am an excellent lawyer with a very strong intellect.  I am a strong negotiator who thinks fast on his feet.  I am an excellent manager and a natural leader.  I have the innate ability to resolve difficult and highly emotional conflicts through persuasion, leadership, and dogged perseverance.  I am experienced in handling a large variety of legal matters including: commercial real estate transactions from acquisition through curative title work, financing and refinancing; retail leases, from both the tenant and developer sides; corporate mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures; corporate governance; board room participation, minutes and notices; shareholder buyouts and restrictive stock agreements; creation of complex business structures; complex LLC, partnership, and shareholder agreements; employment agreements, including with covenants not to compete and the employment contracts of the top officers and shareholders of various companies; an internet application service provider (ASP) master agreement for a company selling third party health plan administrator services and software; complex health care entity business structures for Stark Law, Anti-Kickback, Self-Referral, and Fee Splitting compliance; and many other types of contracts and agreements.  I am experienced in managing and directing successful litigation strategies, while minimizing costs.


I am a seasoned dual professional (lawyer and CPA) with three decades of prior experience as a trial lawyer (civil only), transactional lawyer (corporate, contracts, real estate), General Counsel, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer for various small to medium sized companies.  I am experienced with very large companies as an auditor and tax advisor for Price Waterhouse (Houston) and Ernst & Young (Chicago).  I am a team player with excellent interpersonal skills across all levels of management and population demographics.


I scored in the 90th percentile on the LSAT exam, the top 4% in the country on the CPA exam, and in 2000 (15 years out of law school) scored higher on the Georgia Bar Exam than the average Emory Law School Graduate.  I graduated from DePaul University, in Chicago, magna cum laude, in June, 1974.  I was licensed as a CPA in February, 1975, after having passed all parts of the CPA exam on my first attempt.  I'm licensed to practice law in both Texas ('85) and Georgia ('00).


THE BAD.....

I come from modest beginnings.  My parents didn't graduate from high school.  I had to pull myself up by my own bootstraps with a lot of hard work, a little luck, and blessings from God.  I put myself through undergraduate, graduate, and law school studies mostly at night while working full‑time during the day.  I had no scholarships, grants, or school loans.  Even though I could have easily qualified for admission to any of several tier 1 law schools, personal circumstances of age and family responsibilities required me to attend law school at night so I could continue to work full-time as a CPA.  I worked and paid for, without loans or scholarships, all my studies and my family expenses in full as they were incurred.  I graduated from Houston College of Law in 1985.  The largest company for which I've worked as a lawyer (General Counsel) is a 400 Million dollar mini-conglomerate with 600 employees.



I look nothing like those young supposedly brilliant lawyers on TV.  However, I do have the same interpersonal skills to connect with co-workers, clients, and groups of people on both an intellectual and emotional level, but in the rugged good looks department (the kind that say one spends 3 hours per day in the gym), I got “screwed”.


THE END.....

I challenge you to conceive of a highly competent attorney who brought themselves up from humble beginnings and has already proven “I can do anything, if I just get the chance”.  If you would like to seriously consider an intelligent, self‑motivated, experienced, and competent lawyer and executive, then please do contact me by phone or email.  You won’t be disappointed !!


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WASHINGTON –The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service issued guidance that provides a safe harbor method for determining depreciation deductions for passenger automobiles that qualify for the 100-percent additional first year depreciation deduction and that are subject to the depreciation limitations for passenger automobiles. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), the additional first year depreciation deduction applies to qualified property, including passenger automobiles, acquired and placed in service after September 27, 2017, and before January 1, 2027. In general, the section 179 and depreciation deductions for passenger automobiles are subject to dollar limitations for the year the taxpayer places the passenger automobile in service and for each succeeding year.  For a passenger automobile that qualifies for the 100-percent additional first year depreciation deduction, TCJA increased the first-year limitation amount by $8,000.  If the depreciable basis of a passenger automobile for which the 100-percent additional first year depreciation deduction is allowable exceeds the first-year limitation, the excess amount is deductible in the first taxable year after the end of the recovery period. The guidance provides a safe harbor method of accounting for passenger automobiles. The safe harbor allows depreciation deductions for the excess amount during the recovery period subject to the depreciation limitations applicable to passenger automobiles.  To apply the safe-harbor method, the taxpayer must use the applicable depreciation table in Appendix A of IRS Publication 946.  The safe harbor method does not apply to a passenger automobile placed in service by the taxpayer after 2022, or to a passenger automobile for which the taxpayer elected out of the 100-percent additional first year depreciation deduction or elected under section 179 to expense all or a portion of the cost of the passenger automobile. Taxpayers adopt the safe harbor method of accounting by applying it to deduct depreciation of a passenger automobile on their return for the first taxable year following the placed-in-service year. For more information on the additional first year depreciation deduction, see TCJA, Depreciation. For information about other TCJA provisions, visit For help with your legal needs contact a business, tax, and health care law attorney at the offices of AttorneyBritt. Review-Like-Follow AttorneyBritt On:
The Texas Supreme Court rendered a decision on the issue of a contractual waiver of punitive damages in a case alleging fraud. This case was based on a transaction involving the purchase of a new airplane that actually contained repaired engines. The plaintiffs in the underlying case were successful in the trial court on a fraud claim and received an award of punitive damages.  However, there were limitations of punitive damages contained in two applicable agreements. The purchase agreement provided that Bombardier will not be liable for punitive damages arising out of “services rendered or delivered under this Purchase Agreement.” The second agreement, a management agreement, stated “Neither party hereto may be held liable to the other party for any indirect, special or consequential damages and/or punitive damages for any reason.” In upholding the validity of the waiver of punitive damages case, and reducing the judgment, the Texas Supreme Court explained: "As the plaintiffs point out, we have held that 'fraud vitiates whatever it touches.' . . . We have never held, however, that fraud vitiates a limitation-of-liability clause. We must respect and enforce terms of a contract that parties have freely and voluntarily entered." The Court continued, "And the plaintiffs 'cannot both have [the] contract and defeat it too.' . . . Rather than seeking rescission of the agreements based on Bombardier’s fraudulent conduct, the plaintiffs have tried to enforce the agreements, seeking an award of actual damages, while at the same time seeking to strike the limitation-of-liability clauses to receive an exemplary damages award." The Court reasoned, "In balancing the competing interests between protecting parties from 'unintentionally waiving a claim for fraud' and 'the ability of parties to fully and finally resolve disputes between them,' we believe parties can bargain to limit exemplary damages. We note that the purchasing parties did not waive a claim for fraud; they only waived the ability to recover punitive damages for any fraud. As such, the valid limitation-of-liability clauses must stand." The case is Bombardier Aerospace Corporation v. SPEP Aircraft Holdings, LLC, The Texas Supreme Court's Opinion can be found here. Full Article At: Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP - Brian R. Gaudet For help with your legal needs contact a business, tax, and health care law attorney at the offices of AttorneyBritt. Review-Like-Follow AttorneyBritt On:
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